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Finding Calm in the Chaos

Finding Calm in the ChaosFinding Calm in the Chaos

You can read more about me on the “about me” page.

Welcome to the Fox Den where you can relax or fly away with my travel blog

I am in the creative process of making merchandise and would love your opinions.

I share a lot of my ideas and tips on how to use Instagram which you can find on my @Foxandfeatherz Instagram, link at bottom of page with photo previews.

I share travel blog advice there and also hotel / bucket list ideas on my other page @travelfeaturez (Find out more with link below!)

I live life differently...and to the fullest because of my Multiple Sclerosis (which we will just say is a silly word).

Please make sure to drop me a line. Right now, we are quarantined- let’s chat!

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Please Support Me

Please Support Me

Your contribution will help get our products started during this pandemic. We will donate money towards MS Awareness as well. Our world needs more cures - more medicine - more information. Whether or not you believe in medicine is a personal choice and I respect that. I believe in life.  I want to unite us in happiness

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