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Finding Calm in the Chaos

Finding Calm in the ChaosFinding Calm in the Chaos

Chaotic Corinne

From Chaos comes Creativity...first, this is me!

✅ tranquil. undisturbed. relaxed. traveler

🔆 wanderer. nomad. discoverer. gypsy

❎ settled. static. motionless. immobile

❌ agitated. restless. loud. tumultuous

It’s amazing how words were never important to me, until my official diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis was delivered to me. Now I grasp hold of descriptive adjectives (and profanities) with every symptom and memory I have. MS has shaped my life in positive and negative ways – but pondering on a disease that will never go away is a waste of time and energy.

I’ve had MS since my earliest symptom before the age of 10 at Disney World – the HAPPIEST place on Earth! Doctors did not want to diagnose a child back then so I kept living my life, playing sports and accomplishing by dream job of being a K9 Officer! Symptoms kept knocking me down, doctors would keep running tests, and I’d carry on…until the age of 24 when I finally had a spinal tap to confirm it once and for all.

PRAISE THE LORD! I was thrilled while everyone around me cried? My body and mind knew something was wrong and I finally had the stamp of approval that I’m not crazy or making up some invisible disease. Let’s treat the real problem...I now thought…only to experience years and years of various MS meds & treatments that would fail or cause horrendous side effects. The bottom line is – keep the faith, stay positive. There is so much more in life we can do and experience that if I continued to write about the negatives, I’d depress myself! No thanks, that happens on its own. I used to write poetry when I was younger…but now I’ve decided to blog and use my active mind for more. About what? Anything & everything that inspires me and will hopefully make you smile, too!

I always wanted to create a brand, novelty tee-shirts might be everywhere, but they are not from me! I invite you to visit my Instagram and hope it inspires you and shows you more about me. I love nature and traveling when I’m able to. It’s exhausting for me, but the world is incredible not to see! I’m alive during a modern war, something no one has lived through before...Covid19...the novel Coronavirus. Travels are temporarily halted, but not my creative mind. Visit @foxandfeatherz on Instagram for more! 

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