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Finding Calm in the Chaos

Finding Calm in the ChaosFinding Calm in the Chaos

My Dedication to Duty

I would like to honor my K9 partner Mix, who I had a fantastic career with working for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection with. Our statistics gave us notability, but more importantly, it prevented narcotics and terrorist contraband from entering our borders.

Public Figure


Television Shows:

Job Duties:

Interviewing passengers is critical in determining eligibility and credibility into the U.S.A. It only takes one passenger out of millions to violate the laws, and it is our job to find them. 

Homeland Security, USA on ABC

Episode takes an inside look of currency and explosive detector dogs in Dulles Airport finding hidden items (in which I was carrying).

News Publications:

NY Daily News

The following article, was published with my photo and full name to the American public - without my consent. After that, I wasn't too worried about "being public" because the people I had arrested, now knew a little bit more about me. 

No regrets

I loved what I did; so any time I was on TV or in the papers - I knew it was because of my accomplishments. Mix and I made a great team, and together we stopped in "tons" of narcotics from entering and harming the U.S.A.

Retired Officer - Retired K9 Poster


When my Multiple Sclerosis got too much mentally and physically, it was time for me to hangup the uniform. The best part was that Mix was able to live a life of a pet before she passed away. Unbeknownst to me, CBP had this poster in the Port Director's conference room for almost 10 years before they retired it as well and were able to give it to me as a great memory. This was just one of many tasks we were trained to do together - the luggage belt search deep into the late night and early morning. 

Please Support Us

Please Support Us

Your contribution will help get our products started during this pandemic. We will donate money towards MS Awareness as well. Our world needs more cures - more medicine - more information. Whether or not you believe in vaccines is a personal choice and I respect that. I believe in life. 

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